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Severin Sea Lodge complies with the principles of ecological tourism and has embarked on a multiple awarded active environment protection program. The hotel was the first to set up a biological waste water treatment plant and implemented solar energy in its infrastructure. It has received famous awards like the TUI Environmental Champion and the Travelife Gold Award several times. Additionally Severin Safari Camp was awarded as a Holidaycheck TOP Hotel and received the Tripadvisor Travellers Choice Award.

A hotel-own biological farm in Kikambala near Mombasa serves the hotel with vegetables free of chemical fertiliser, fruits and eggs from free-range chicken. There is a huge recycling concept aiming to sort out as many reusable material as possible.

Apart from kitchen and garden also the rooms have a system to separate waste (green dot). Remaining food is given to the pig farmers, paper, plastics, glass and metal are recycled. Garden waste is used as compost, and there are special boxes for used batteries that are sent to Germany for disposal.

The hotel also supports the association founded by our general manager, Mr. Severin Schulte, Skills for Kenya e.V. It helps young Kenyans in their country during their professional education and training in order to enable a better start in their working life and develop their knowledge and skills. Special attention is paid to socially weak and disadvantaged children and adoloscents whose environment and familiar situations don’t offer the financial means for education and training. In particular the children from the orphanage Mji Wa Salama in Mombasa, Kenya, shall be supported in order to make it easier for them to find jobs when old enough.

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