during unique excursions through the area

Widen Horizons

Kenya has so much more to offer than only beach and safari. Join us on one of our interesting excursions and indulge into the diverse culture,

the exciting history and the interesting life of the locals. Collect unforgettable memories!

Go snorkeling

Accompanied by the Diving Team next to our hotel you can explore the deep waters of the Indian Ocean and discover a breathtaking underworld with more than 20 million tropical Marine Fish. As the water temperature never drops below 25 degrees and with a visibility range of 10 to 30 metres the Kenyan coast is a perfect spot for your diving experience.

Out of Africa

Our tour starts around noon and first you will visit a traditional Giriama Village. Afterwards you drive to our own Seba Farm and see how pineapple, papaya and Piri Piri are grown. Later you drive to Nguuni Sanctuary. Here you experience being with nature as tame giraffes, ostrich and other wild animals are at arm’s length. With a glass of South African wine and a Barbecue at the campfire you will experience the real “Out of Africa” feeling.

Waka Waka Tour

During a private tour through Nguuni Sanctuary, a giraffe park, you will come close with animals and an experienced guide will explain interesting things about the flora and fauna. After the tour you will be welcomed with a delicious glass of South African wine and enjoy a breathtaking sundowner with the special Kenyan flair. After the sundowner you sit around the romantic campfire, enjoy a typical Kenyan barbecue and experience a real “safari feeling”.

Mombasa City Tour

Your city tour starts in the morning and you have the possibility to experience the city with its vibrant activities and sights. You will visit the Mackinon Market, a Hindu Temple and the old fortress Fort Jesus amongst other sights. You’ll stroll through the Old City of Mombasa and to the Old Harbour. Then you enjoy a traditional Swahili lunch at a special restaurant in the Old Town and afterwards visit the Akamba Woodcarvers Market. The excursion ends in the afternoon.

Bike the Coast

Explore three typical climate zones along the Coast: beach, palm-tree forest and semiarid area. The tour takes you along the hotel area to some few upper class plots at the creek. Enjoy the breeze of the Indian Ocean! You can expect a spectacular view over the Mombasa North Coast. We return to the Severin Sea Lodge with many magnificent impressions.

Haller Park Excursion

The perfect trip for families and all guests who are looking for some nature and wildlife in the immediate vicinity of Bamburi Beach. The famous nature park is transformated of a quarry wasteland into an ecological area of forest, grasslands and ponds with walking trails for you to view the fenced wildlife, such as hippo, giraffe, antelope, buffalo and mammals, as well as bird species and many others.

Sunset Dhow Safari

During this excursion you watch the sky turn into a magical screen and listen to the waves breaking at the bow of the old sailing ship. Let the evening pass by while enjoying a glass of wine or Gin Tonic at the shore of the Indian Ocean before you will be brought back to your hotel.

Secrets of the Coast

Discover with us the diversified region around the coastal village Malindi. Our first stop is the fascinating Mida Creek with its numerous mangrove forests. Afterwards we visit the ruins of Gede where you will learn interesting facts about the city and its former inhabitants. Our drive then leads us to the little Portuguese church “Vasco da Gama Pillar”. It’s tower is located on a cliff high above the Indian Ocean.

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