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Our Imani Dhow is a so-called Zanzibar Jahazi that was built over 45 years ago. In the past it weighed about 90 tons and on its way between Zanzibar, Dar-es-Saalam, Tanja and Mombasa it transported diverse products like cotton or corn and many more. Under the skilled hands of her former Bajuni Crew of 16 sailors it became a just beautiful sailing ship.

Imani means “trust” and our dhow paid this trust back during her active years and survived all storms and dangers.

Today the Imani Dhow is home to our great kitchen crew who will enthuse you with culinary highlights. Here you will enjoy award-winning à la carte fish dishes, fine seafood in diverse variations and also international cuisine. A warm welcome aboard!

Opening Times
Monday-Saturday from 7pm – 10pm
Sunday closed

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